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University Committee on International Affairs (UCIA)

The University Committee on International Affairs (UCIA) acts in support of the Virginia Tech International Mission and the University Strategic Plan.  The international mission of Virginia Tech is to reflect through all activities of its tripartite mission (education, research, engagement) an appreciation of the significance of other cultures and languages and of global change and to address the environmental, political, economic, social, and technological challenges that confront communities across the globe.  UCIA is the direct voice of its constituencies to the Commission on Outreach and International Affairs (COIA).  It recommends policy to COIA and to the University Administration.

UCIA By Laws

UCIA Minutes

UCIA Roster of Members

2019-2020 UCIA Meeting Dates:
(All meetings will be held from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in Conference Room A at the Center for International Research, Education, and Development located at 526 Prices Fork Road unless otherwise noted.)

*August 26, 2019
* September 23, 2019
*October 28, 2019
*November 25, 2019
*December 2019-NO MEETING
*January 27, 2020
*February 24, 2020
*March 23, 2020
*April 27, 2020
*May 27, 2020 (moved from May 25th)-CANCELLED