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A Brief Guide to Acronyms

Some of the common abbreviations you might hear around Outreach and International Affairs and Virginia Tech



ACC Atlantic Coast Conference
A/P Administrative and Professional faculty
APLU Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
BOV Board of Visitors
CALS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
CAUS College of Architecture and Urban Studies
CECE Center for Economic and Community Engagement *
CIRED Center for International Research, Education, and Development *
CLAHS College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
CNRE College of Natural Resources and Environment
COE College of Engineering
COIA Commission on Outreach and International Affairs
COS College of Science
COTA Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement *
CPE Continuing and Professional Education *
CSC Catawba Sustainability Center *
E&G Education and General Programs, a state budget-related code describing "all operations related to the institution's educational objectives.”
EBC Executive Briefing Center *
FBRI Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC
FTE Full-Time Equivalent, a method of calculating employment and enrollment to adjust for part-time or part-year participation.
GA Graduate assistant, a graduate student who provides academic and program support to faculty or departments
GEO Global Education Office *
GRA Graduate research assistant, a graduate student who conducts research under the direction of a faculty member who is typically a principal investigator on an external grant or contract that funds the GRA
GSS Global Strategic Services *
GTA Graduate teaching assistant, a graduate student who assists faculty in the teaching mission
IALR Instute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville
ICAT Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
ICTAS Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
IPM Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Integrated Pest Management *
ISCE Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment
ISS International Support Services (former name of Global Strategic Services *)
IVTSCC The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center
LCI Languange and Culture Institute *
LLI Lifelong Learning Institute *
NVC Northern Virginia Center
OIA Outreach and International Affairs
OIS Outreach Information Services *
OSP Office of Sponsored Programs
PCOB Pamplin College of Business
PI Principal investigator, the person assigned responsibility for program and budgetary management of a grant or contract
SCHEV State Council for Higher Education in Virginia
TLOS Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies
T/R Teaching and Research faculty, includes tenure-track instructional faculty and non-tenure-track faculty — clinical faculty, professors of practice, collegiate faculty, instructors, adjunct faculty
UCIA University Committee on International Affairs
VMCVM Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, often shortened to “vet med”
VPI The university’s acronym/nickname from 1896 to 1970, this should be used only in historical contexts. The same is true for “VAMC,” the university’s acronym/nickname before 1896.
VTCRC Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
VTCSOM Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
VTTI Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

* OIA unit or program

A note on style

From the University Style Guide:

While abbreviations or acronyms are appropriate in some situations, particularly when dealing with a long college name or title, please refrain from turning your press release, feature article, or publication into something that resembles alphabet soup. Attempt to find other ways to identify the subject rather than repeatedly using an acronym. When they are used, you should usually spell out names first followed by the acronym in parentheses, although sometimes using the acronym first reads better or makes sense. If you do use the acronym first, use the full name or title shortly after. 

What did we miss?

Is there an acronym or abbreviation that you frequently stumble upon? Send us an email and we’ll add it to the list!