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Slide show: Steger Center Faculty Development 2023

President Sands meets the faculty

President Tim Sands helped kick off the Global Education Office's new Faculty Development Program at the Steger Center for International Scholarship. He welcomed the faculty in person in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland conversing with them about the goals they have for the study abroad programs they're developing.  

Day trips

Much like Virginia Tech students do when they stay at the Steger Center, these faculty participated in day trips to nearby locations. In Lugano, a city just north of Riva San Vitale, the participants completed a drop-off activity --collecting photos of specific locations and experiences within the city without close guidance from facilitators. For the second day trip, the faculty developed their own itinerary and navigation plan for an afternoon in Milan, Italy. Before launching out on their own in the city, they all participated in a brief Italian lesson.

Networking with local partners

An evening soiree proved a perfect opportunity for faculty to meet with local organizations and learn more about potential partnership opportunities that may exist in Riva San Vitale. Invited guests included Slow Foods Ticino and Ticino Musico. Not only was the networking fruitful but the food and entertainment provided by these two groups were unforgettable treats. 

On another occasion, faculty met with representatives from SUPSI, a nearby university. The conversations from this networking event have sparked ideas and started new relations.