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Modern brick office building
The Newport News Center is located in Building One of the Tech Center Research Park.

Catawba Sustainablity Center

A woven wire fence runs along a field of long grasses with mountains in the distance.
A row of windows along a white, weathered barn.
A woman picks vegetables in a garden with silos in the background.
Thistles grow along an old wooden fence with farm silos in the background.

Executive Briefing Center

A tiered conference room with giant TV screens at the front.
A modern lobby with white walls and floors.
A conference room.
Chairs set up for an audience in a large room.

Newport News Center

A classroom
A white couch in the middle of an office building lobby.
A classroom with one wall made up of floor-to-ceiling windows.
A modern brick office building with decorative grass.

Reynolds Homestead

Lights lead the path to the front door of the community building as the sun sets in the background.
A old L-shaped brick house
Old historic Victorian-era dining room
A large multipurpose room with cathedral ceilings.
A large green lawn with historic buildings scattered throughout.
An old tree stands near a wooden barn-like building with a Christmas wreath hanging from its door.
Old brick house with white columns and surrounded by green leafy trees.
A gray building with big vertical windows in a big, green lawn.

Richmond Center

Brick office building

Roanoke Center

Tall brick and metal building inscribed with Roanoke Higher Education Center on the front.
Tall brick building under deep blue skies and two flag poles.

Southwest Center

Brick building with huge floor to ceiling windows stretching over two floors.
Tiered lecture hall with tan chairs and white tables that stretch across the room.
A colorful logo for the Higher Education Center.
A grand ball room with purple lighting at the front and round tables with white linens.