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We are delighted to introduce you to the Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics at the Virginia Tech Center for Advanced Research and Education in Chennai. Virginia Tech is a globally reputed comprehensive university with leading colleges in engineering, business, medicine, liberal arts, and the sciences. 

According to Forbes, by the year 2020, we will be creating 1.7 megabytes of data every second per person, giving us 44 trillion gigabytes of data.  From ordering food to entertainment to autonomous vehicles, each of us will be engulfed by more data than we are neurologically equipped to handle.  The scale and ubiquity of data is already forcing corporations to find ingenious ways to analyze, track, and leverage data for strategy and operations.  As data volumes continue to explode, businesses need to continually upgrade the education and skill level of their employees to fully utilize the power of data for a competitive edge in the market. The Virginia Tech, India, Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics is designed to fulfill this need.

This program offers an innovative approach for learners who are interested not only in how to analyze the universe of data but also in the technologies, architecture, security, and multifaceted analytical approaches that are vital to create sustainable solutions.   

Through classroom and clinical instruction, you will learn the contemporary technologies that make machine learning, optimization, and statistical models relevant, accurate, and secure.  From cloud computing and agile techniques to business intelligence and quantitative methods, you will explore the ecosystem of topics and learn the sophisticated technologies that will distinguish you from your peers in the world of business analytics. A unique part of this program is understanding the different facets of innovation from Jugaad -- nimble and frugal-- to high-impact, disruptive innovation. You will learn to build the capacity to adapt and respond expeditiously to Black Swans--high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology.

Our globally renowned faculty in information technology, computer science, engineering, and business are ready to take you on this exciting journey along with select executives from industry with first-hand experience in deploying large-scale solutions in business analytics.

We welcome you to explore our program and join our next cohort.

Best wishes.


Roop L. Mahajan
Bell Labs Fellow, ASME Fellow
Lewis E. Hester Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Global Ambassador, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
Virginia Tech

Tarun K. Sen
Managing Director Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics
Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Information Systems
Virginia Tech

Over the last few years, we have seen an emerging trend in the  data management and analytics area enveloping every sphere of business.  Analytics and business intelligence will rapidly change the business landscape over the next five years. As the role of information technology in industry shifts from that of an enabler to a strategic partner, there is a great demand for specialists in this area.

While there are a few course offerings in the Indian academic landscape, this unique postgraduate program being offered by Virginia Tech, a leading U.S. university that is ranked in the top 10% among 3,500 of the world's best universities, will ensure that every participant is trained to become a holistic business analytics specialist.

Welcome to an exciting opportunity that will help you become an exceptionally talented analytics expert armed with the skills to face the contemporary challenges of industry today.


M K Padmanabhan
Virginia Tech India Center

Virginia Tech is a global research university with nine colleges, 1,400 faculty, and over 31,000 students.  As a comprehensive university, we have adopted a bold challenge to develop transdisciplinary teams in different destination areas to address the world’s most pressing problems through research, education, and engagement. One of the five destination areas is data analytics and decision sciences, a critical worldwide focus of interest with the growing proliferation of data through the Internet. 

In line with this destination area, I would like to welcome you to join our Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics, designed to build global leaders in business analytics. This program meets the demand for business analytics experts in a wide range of fields. The business analytics program, leading to a certificate awarded by Virginia Tech, enables us to enrich the research, education, and engagement presence at the Virginia Tech Center for Research and Education in Chennai. 

India is a global leader in information technology and is a fitting destination for business analytics for Virginia Tech. We hope to attract India’s best students and faculty to our center in Chennai to enhance joint research and education collaborations that will benefit both India and Virginia Tech in the United States. We further hope that some of our students enrolled in the program come to Virginia Tech in the United States to pursue their research and education interests and skill development.

I welcome you to join our global initiative in business data analytics and learn from some of our best faculty at Virginia Tech.


With best wishes.

Guru Ghosh
Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA

I  welcome you to Virginia Tech's Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics, being offered for the first time in India.  While I was at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research in 2003, I had the distinct honor of leading the joint master's program in Information Technology with Virginia Tech.  The pioneering program was a landmark step in providing global education to students in India and was widely accepted and appreciated by the leading corporate organizations  in India and abroad. This is testified by the superlative performance and speedy career growth of all students who graduated in that program.

Virginia Tech is again spearheading, through its global professional programs, a ground-breaking program in business analytics. This program stands out among many offerings in business analytics in India owing to  its focus on deploying effective analytics solutions at the enterprise level.  With its strong focus on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security and predictive analytics, you are certain to succeed in the market place armed with this knowledge.  I wholeheartedly endorse this program and I am proud to be associated with Virginia Tech once more.


Sunil Rai
Vice Chancellor
MIT ADT University, Pune