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The Virginia Tech, India, Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics is organized as several sequential units of approximately two months each. In each unit, you will take classes both in person and online. Classes are modular and faculty led.  Other experts from industry and academia assist the lead faculty member. During the final three months, you are required to determine a business analytics solution for a problem in a business domain of your choice. On completion of requirements of the non-credit program, you will receive a Virginia Tech certificate of excellence.


  • Fundamentals of Data Management Systems
  • Predictive Analytics Using Statistics
  • Web Analytics Using Python
  • Business Intelligence: Data Analysis for Structured Data
  • Frameworks for Agile Software Development
  • Enterprise Systems on the Cloud
  • Machine Learning and Data Classifiers
  • Big Data Technologies for Unstructured Data
  • Social Marketing Analytics
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Data Security: Building Secure Enterprise Platforms
  • Machine Learning Applications and IOT
  • Analytics for the Financial and Insurance Industry
  • Business Ethics and Data
  • Building Innovative Systems Using Data Analytics
  • Building Innovative Systems Using Data Analytics - Capstone Project


You will learn an entrepreneurial style of management.  Whether you are working for a large company or small -- or you want to start your own business -- to be competitive you must be entrepreneurial in your thinking and innovative in your approach to problems.  The Virginia Tech, India, Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics is designed to breed an entrepreneurial spirit. We prepare innovative thinkers who can provide effective solutions that benefit society and the economy.

For the problem-solving component of the program, you will identify a business problem that is amenable to a business analytics solution.  The capstone project should reflect the elements of the program – data, model, technology and domain.  Evidence of learning is demonstrated though presentation of the project.

If you are a working professional, you can be enrolled in the program without leaving your employment. You can complete each unit via classroom lectures and online instruction. Your on-campus requirement is four days every two months, scheduled over a weekend to cause minimum disruption from your work. Online classes supplement the campus component. In addition, our learning management system offers recorded lectures. Contact hours will be 450 over a 12-month period. The final three months are free of an on-campus requirement. The faculty, familiar with this mode of instruction, have delivered similar programs like these for more than a decade.

My SQL, R, Python, Tableau BI Tools, Scrum, AWS, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Data Classifiers, Deep Learning, IoT, Mongo DB, Hadoop, Social Marketing Analytics, OWASP, NVIDIA Analytics, IBM Analytics, SAS Analytics

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